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Dear Seon

Your predictions were correct - It was a fantastic evening and looked incredible . The atmosphere was warm and relaxed and it was all thanks to you and your team, You outdid yourself, in fact Raymond said it was one of the best parties I have given. Huge thanks to you and your incredible team. Have a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2018, you deserve it.

Much love,
Wendy Ackerman

sushi wedding table sushi

Dearest Patsy and Seon

All I can say is WOWWW!!! You executed the most magnificent and magical marvel of a wedding so thoroughly creatively and exquisitely achieved down to the last detail. Everything worked so fabulously and I don’t think there was a single criticism or issue to take up with you at all. Most of the hundreds of compliments flowing our way included the fact that there was nothing to fault. (Except that we could have made the weather a few degrees cooler...!! That was one thing I think that would have made your lives easier on Sunday too. )

It was simply wonderful to work with you and we can only thank you for managing our needs so well and with such positivity. This was such a pleasure for us. We could always be so confident that you would take care of things, and we could leave things in your hands. Apologies again, Patsy, that your life has been hijacked by Daniella and Nick’s wedding!! If this was indeed your swansong, what a beautiful melody it was and, one to go out on covered in glory!

Much love,
Glenda and Michael Mark

decor decor decor
You can walk tall every single one of you. What an amazing achievement! The decor and ambience was a joy to behold, and I quote from Mrs Ellie Sternberg, an 85 y/o sophisticated lady who has lived here forever, “Gene in all my life, I have never seen such a magnificently appointed function room, and I have been to many, even at the highest level.” The foreigners are gob-smacked.
It was the sheer class that shone. The liquor and coffee stations were a huge YES!!!!! I salute you all,
Gene Stern
decor decor decor

I wonder how many times I have relived moments of the wedding.

Let’s call it 'every moment spent' at Nooitgedacht.

From the garden to the oysters and sushi and the tubular flowers... Already the guests were 'bought'! At this stage they could not believe how they were being spoilt. And there was so much more to come.

Seon, I will not be able to describe how I felt when I walked into the hall. (I have only once before in my life felt something that resembles this and it was when I put my goggles and snorkel under the water in the red sea and was surrounded with an aquarium that went on forever). The hall was so very beautiful that it took a while for my brain to actually comprehend. And it just went on and on. Up to the top table and all around us at the table and everywhere my eyes could see.

Andrea, not a single guest has spoken about the wedding without mentioning the food. Comments such as 'best ever'. It looked delectable. And each portion was amazing. The oysters and sushi allowed me to experience a fantasy. And then those fancy prawns arrived...

Thank you both for giving my daughter a wedding that actually went beyond our dreams or imagination.

Besides that, you allowed myself and my children to feel incredibly loving, generous and thankful to our family and guests who were with us sharing our celebration.

Thank you also for all the time we spent together and the help and guidance to us all.

Your work is exquisite.

I hope this email begins to describe how i feel.

Fond regards
Sharon Samaras

wedding wedding ceremony flowers

Just wanted to say a very BIG thanks to you and your team for helping to make the Angels’ Share relaunch the success that it was. The client was thrilled.

Best regards
Pippa Pringle

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Dear Seón

I doubt you have ever had to work for more demanding clients then the Krawitz family, but I do want to say that you delivered more than we could ever have expected in terms of a really spectacular wedding for Marc and Amanda.

All the arrangements, from the Shul ceremony to drinks in the Company Gardens, to transport in the vintage cars, to the reception I at the Arabella, went off without a hitch. The décor was stunning and the hall really looked spectacular.

Thank you again for your outstanding efforts, they are really so highly appreciated.

Warm, personal regards,
Philip J Krawitz

flowers family table flowers

I just wanted to say thank you so so much for the wonderful job you did on my 21st on Saturday night! Jake's looked absolutely spectacular and you managed to really capture the very essence of "me" in the decorations! I had such a special night and a huge part of the evenings overall success was because the venue looked so elegant and quirky. I have been told by a number of people that it was the best 21st they've been to - so thank you!

Lots of love
Ally Paget


Jeff and I have been to 7 weddings since January. They have all been lovely, but Liora and Jonathan's was so extra special... I heard myself saying a number of times, "If I was to have my wedding all over again, this is the way I would do it!"
Roxy Levy


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